Sunset Dreamz



Lyrics by: Kim Jaejoong(김재중)
Composed by: 회장님, 2JAJA, AQX
Arranged by: 회장님, 2JAJA, AQX
Piano: 길은경 / Chorus: Just, Edan

A faint existence that I have no choice but to place by my side
I keep saying words that won’t touch you but where is my true heart?

The unchanging predictions keep going

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“서른.. [Thirty..]“ English title: “Lazy Life”


Lyrics by: Park Yuchun(박유천)
Composed by: Park Yuchun(박유천), 권빈기
Arranged by: 권빈기, 황성수
Rap making by: Park Yuchun(박유천)
Guitar: 홍준호 / Bass: 최 훈 / Drum: 장 혁 / Keyboards: 김은혜
Chorus: 강태우 / Narration: 이동희

Friday night, I’m having a light drink with friends
Meeting hyungs and dongsengs for the first…

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Baekhyun demonstrating his power to Chanyeol’s roommates

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Lyrics by: Kim Jaejoong(김재중)
Composed by: 회장님, 정재엽, AQX
Arranged by: 회장님, 정재엽, AQX
Guitar: 이성열 / Bass: 양승호 / Drum: 강수호 / Chorus: 강태우, Edan

It hurt a lot after she lost herself
She lost confidence and turned against the world

Beauty had left her
When hope was lost and she was about to say…

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Minwoo flirting with Andy in English

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Kim Dongwan, the forever toy of Eric Mun

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140614 Ultra Music Festival Korea (by hospital photograph)


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Produced by: J. Lonny Bereal for Lonny Tunes Music/Hitclub Management and Charlie Bereal for Emmanuel Music
Co. Producer: Ray Yeom, Tyrone NIDDY Buckner Jr. Billboard Entertainment Group LLC
Written by: J. “Lonny” Bereal for Lonnalistic Hitz, Notting Dale Songs Inc. (ASCAP), Charlie Bereal for C…

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